How did it start?

During 1994 we moved back to Cape Town and found a need for a professional day care centre in the goodwood area. We identified the premises and made all the necessary approvals with the council. During this period and whilst building was in progress we hired the scout hall.
Our first enrolment was 3 children, 2 of which was from one family and the 3rd a family member. During the building phase lots of blood, sweat and tears were shed and we survived the legal process and construction complications. We had grown from 3 children to 60 students and were able to move into our new main centre in the latter part of 1996 with great excitement.

How we’ve grown since

Since 1996 till now we have grown from 60 students to well over 200 students. Further to the growth of children we acquired additional premises next to our centre and converted that into a 3 class baby centre and after care centre linked to our main centre. The centre has also grown in teaching skills from your basic love and old fashioned teaching to doing brain gym for babies and toddlers to a full curriculum for students 2 – grade R. Many Staff have come and gone as in any company and since opening our doors in 1996 we have grown from one staff member to 23 staff members.

What we strive to achieve

We strive to provide classrooms that are a safe haven for learners through a measure of routine and structure. We encourage parents to become involved in learners activities and progress by helping their children with these because children at preschool age are still very attached to the parents. Our learners are divided into same age classes to feel secure. Learners still learn by using their bodies, they have to play. Learners still have a lot to discover about their own language this can only be done if they are encouraged to laugh, talk and sing rather than to sit quietly with their lips tightly closed. Additional languages are introduced in fun activities by creating this type of environment we strive to be ready as a preschool for our learners resulting in a team effort by assisting the learner also to be ready for school. Our aim is to achieve the highest possible standard of preschool education by employing qualified and experienced staff with on-going training, research and commitment.

What steps have been put in place to achieve our goals?

By sending our grade R teacher on regular workshops and meetings with the WCED (Western Cape Education Department) to be ahead of changes our grade R teachers have regular workshops with our deputy principal, the owners and our educare teachers to ensure all educare teachers to be on par with preparing learners for the Grade R class through teaching the basics of the CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) namely Language, Mathematics and Life Skills . All Educare teachers and assistances are regularly sent for higher level of educare training at Northlink College doing levels of one, four, and five being grade R. Furthermore the workshops internally at our centre to keep the level of communication between class teachers. Workshops are held with our occupational therapist & clinical child psychologist to to enable us to access our children with our progress reports which are issued quarterly for all curriculum classes. First aid courses are also attended by our staff to enable them to administer basic first aid.