• We are open from 06h30 to 18h00 (6pm) Mondays to Fridays.
  • The centre’s hours include school holidays but exclude public holidays.
  • We close on Christmas Eve @ 13h00 and open the day after New Year’s days.


Full Day             06h30-18h30 (6pm)
Half Day            06h30 - 13h00 Sharp
Breakfast            08h00
Classes Start        09h00

Please be on time when fetching your child and if you are going to be late when fetching your child please notify us in advance.


Rest Period

The rest period for Full day children is 13h00 (1pm) and is compulsory. The centre provides mattresses and fitted sheets Parents are to provide a blanket. All Half day children must be collected by 13h00 (1pm)